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16:02 09/09/19

"#2 @sombrasst ey fuck u too mate"

15:31 04/09/19

"#2 @heckan11 fuck so bad. Fucking cunts ruined my favorite franchise. 10 fucking years of following the story of each snake only to end with fucking Isekai zombieland."

16:59 29/08/19

"Oh, yeah !"

14:00 25/08/19

"#28 @cunttouchthis Jesus, I love this. I can say any kind of curse even with the regular stigma they carry and I can't get banned 'cause it ain't like the mods know any of them. Or they would either bother to check.
Like, no user would "report" cuz I said "cunt" cuz it ain't like they will take offense to it.

Fuck Kotaku, GameInformer and any other gaming web. A foreign webpage where I just need to run google translate and can say whatever I want is PERFRCTION.

02:44 25/08/19

":0. ."

08:47 24/08/19

"Damn, that's a lot downvotes here. I'm not gonna either bother to translate anything. I'm pretty sure I know what "feminista" means. Flame wars be flame wars, lad."

13:02 22/08/19


12:52 22/08/19

"Wasn't this an Spanish *Game* web?


01:22 18/08/19

"This is fucken hilarious... Right?"

23:50 17/08/19

"What a cunt."

22:14 15/08/19

"And why is this important enough to be a news?"

21:24 14/08/19

"Ooh, I thought it was like a single player thing. And I was like "waaat?".

Do people even play this? Like, real people. Not beepboopiamarobot people."